List of Equipment Needed for Bowling


Having the proper equipment can greatly improve a game of bowling. Equipment contributes to player comfort and scoring. While bowling alley rules require some equipment, other items are optional but helpful. A player considering frequent or professional play should purchase his own bowling equipment rather than using the alley's.

Bowling Ball


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Next to pins, the bowling ball is the game’s most important piece of equipment. To maximize performance, a player should select a ball he can comfortably grip and use.

The weight of the ball is an important consideration. Lighter balls are easier to control and throw fast; however, too light of a ball will lack power and force. Alternatively, too heavy of a ball can be difficult to control and grip.

A player should also consider the size and placement of the finger holes when choosing a ball. The player should select a ball with holes large enough to easily accommodate his fingers. Additionally, the distance of the finger holes should allow the player to easily grip the ball.

Bowling balls are important to the game. Accordingly, a player should make sure to regularly clean his ball in order to prevent accelerated wear.

Bowling Bag

A bowling bag is essential to maintaining the condition of the bowling ball. The bag protects the ball during travel, as well as, from warm or cold temperatures and dust during storage. Additionally, bowling bags can serve as storage for shoes and other bowling equipment.

Bowling bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles. There are single ball bags and bags that can hold up to six balls. Additionally, bags styles include totes, which are carried, and stroller styles that have wheels.

Bowling Shoes


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Bowling alleys require shoes made specifically for bowling to play on the lanes. Bowling shoes differ from ordinary shoes; one bowling shoe brakes, and so has more traction, and the other slides. Because of this, bowling shoes are available in left or right handed styles. The foot on the dominant side wears the breaking shoe and the other the sliding.

A frequent player may want to consider buying his own bowling shoes instead of relying on rentals. In addition to increased sanitation, personal shoes can improve performance. Bowling shoes are an investment and require frequent cleaning to remain in good repair. Additionally, a player should only use his bowling shoes when bowling.