How to Make Your Batting Gloves Sticky Again

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While football gloves are known for their rubbery, sticky palms and fingers, baseball batting gloves have leather palms and fingers. The leather on batting gloves isn't necessarily sticky to begin with, but you can make it sticky quickly. Once your gloves are sticky, you'll improve your grip on the bat and avoid sliding your hands off the handle when making your swing.

Apply pine tar from a pine tar stick to the fingers of your batting gloves. Add a little bit of pine tar to the palm area directly below the glove's fingers. Because you hold a baseball bat primarily with your fingers, rather than in your palms, it's not necessary to apply pine tar to the palm area of your batting gloves.

Rub a pine tar stick onto the handle of your baseball bat, making sure to cover the entire circumference of the handle. When you grip the bat, the sticky pine tar will adhere to your batting gloves, making them sticky.

Add pine tar to the brim and the top of your batting helmet. When you're waiting in the on-deck circle, place your hands, one at a time, on your helmet. Some of the pine tar will transfer to your gloves, making them stick. You can also adjust your helmet -- and keep your gloves sticky -- between pitches of your at-bat. Many professional baseball players use this method.


You can buy pine tar sticks at sporting goods stores that sell a variety of baseball products. They are similar in appearance to a tube of lipstick, but slightly larger.