How to Make an Easy Mini Hockey Goal

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Whether on ice or in the street, setting up a quick hockey pickup game is an easy way to enjoy the sport you love. However, obtaining, and lugging around. large metal goals poses a large obstacle to your game. It is easier to create your own makeshift goals that can be easily transported to the location of your game. With some PVC pipe and a net, you have the materials for an easy mini hockey goal.

Cut one of your 10-foot PVC pipes into two 40-inch pieces and two 20-inch pieces. The 40-inch pipes will serve as the goalposts, while the 20-inch pieces will lie flat on the ground perpendicular to the posts.

Cut the other 10-foot pipe into two 51-inch pieces. These pieces will connect each post together, one along the ground in the back and one across the top as the crossbar. The remaining 18-inch piece is leftover and is not needed for the goal.

Use elbow connectors to connect the correct pieces together. One elbow connects each 40-inch goal post to a 20-inch bottom side base. One elbow connects each 40-inch goal post to the 51-inch crossbar. One elbow connects each 20-inch bottom side base to the 51-inch pipe that serves as the back of the goal and lies on the ground. The PVC pipes should easily slot into place inside the connectors.

Slip the hockey net over the frame of the goal. Tuck the net in under the PVC pipe on the ground. If necessary, use small ties to keep the net on the frame. Set up the goal in the proper location.


The diameter of your goal's PVC pipe needs to fit into the elbow connectors. Make sure you have compatible sizes. Use a tarp, bed sheet or plastic bag as the goal net if you do not have access to a real net. Wood and nails are another option to create and hold together a hockey goal frame.