How to Make a Football Goal Post

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Football is arguably the most popular sport in the United States. It is a competitive team sport that combines strategy with physical endurance. Players score points for advancing the ball over the goal line of the opposing team--or kicking the ball through the uprights of the goal post, which is located in the back of the end zone. If you want to give your backyard football field a realistic look, you may want to make your own goal post.

Prepare your materials. For a medium-sized goal post, you will need approximately six 10-foot pieces of 1&frac12;-inch PVC piping, four T- connections and two elbows.

Cut the PVC piping into 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-foot pieces with a hacksaw. Lightly sand the edges of the PVC piping with fine-grit sandpaper to make them smooth.

Assemble all the pieces into the shape of the goal post. Connect the 2-foot piece to the 8-foot piece with a T connector to create one side of the base. Repeat to make the other side of the base. Join the two sides with a 10-foot piece to finish the base. For the side of the upright, connect the 4-foot pipe with a 6-foot pipe, again using a T-connector. Repeat for the other side of the upright as well. Finally, connect the two uprights with a 10-foot crossbar. You can set the height of the crossbar as you wish; the regulation height is 10 feet.

Check to make sure everything fits and that the goal post can stand firmly and securely on the ground. If some of the PVC elements are problematic, use a hacksaw and sandpaper to make them fit before continuing.

Attach all of the parts to one another by gluing them with PVC glue. Make sure to apply the glue to all the joints and all the ends of piping. Note that PVC glue fuses the two pieces of plastic together very quickly, so you&#039;ll have to work quickly but carefully.


If you are making the goal post for your children, note that over time, as they grow, you can adjust the height of the crossbar.


Make goal posts for your own use from light materials only; heavy goal posts are unstable, dangerous and a safety risk.