How to Make Wide Receiver Gloves Sticky Again

Wide receivers always look for a little edge and keeping gloves tacky does wonders to help hang onto the ball. There are lots of ways to keep gloves tacky and all are simple to apply. Many methods, including Stick-Um or pine tar, are not legal in the NFL. Following are ways to make your gloves tacky without breaking the rules.

Spit on the gloves or pour water on them, then wipe them hard on a towel or shirt.

Put your gloves in the dryer on extreme heat immediately before use.

Put warm, dissolved melted sugar water on your gloves, let them sit for a few seconds and then wipe them off.


If playing in a recreational league, consider spraying "Stick-Um" on your gloves or rubbing them with pine tar, but check the league rules before doing either. These methods are illegal in sanctioned leagues, such as college and the NFL.


Be careful when trying to make gloves sticky, as this could be considered an unfair advantage and player could get warned or disqualified.