How to Make Wide Receiver Gloves Sticky Again

    Step 1

    Spit on the gloves or pour water on them, then wipe them hard on a towel or shirt.

    Step 2

    Put your gloves in the dryer on extreme heat immediately before use.

    Step 3

    Put warm, dissolved melted sugar water on your gloves, let them sit for a few seconds and then wipe them off.


  • If playing in a recreational league, consider spraying "Stick-Um" on your gloves or rubbing them with pine tar, but check the league rules before doing either. These methods are illegal in sanctioned leagues, such as college and the NFL.


  • Be careful when trying to make gloves sticky, as this could be considered an unfair advantage and player could get warned or disqualified.

Things Needed

  • Receiver gloves
  • Water or spit
  • Sugar

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