How to Mount a Basketball Hoop to a Garage

Two boys playing basketball

Mounting a basketball hoop onto your garage is an inexpensive way to provide hours of fun and practice. Having a basketball hoop at your disposal will give you the opportunity to stay in shape, play a game at the drop of a hat or give your "bored" kids something to do. Attaching a basketball hoop to your garage can be completed in a few simple steps.

Choose the location of your basketball hoop. The front or back of the garage will work as long as you have a level playing surface in front of your hoop.

Examine the location on the garage to check for loose siding or anything else that may present a problem when mounting your hoop.

Measure out the height of the hoop. The regulation height -- measured from the court surface to the top of the rim -- is 10 feet.

Use a ladder to get the mounting bracket to the desired location. Attach the bracket to the garage per the hoop kit instructions.

Attach the backboard and rim to the mounting bracket, following the kit instructions.

Use a level to ensure the backboard is flush and the hoop is horizontal. Re-measure the hoop height to ensure it's at 10 feet. Adjust as necessary.

Attach the net to the rim.


Double-check your installation to ensure that your backboard and hoop is firmly secured to the garage before first use.