How to Move a Portable Basketball Goal

    Place one foot against the base of the goal where the wheels are. Place your foot straight up and down against the middle section of the base so that the ball of your foot touches the ground and the top rests along the top of the base.

    Put your other foot slightly behind you for support.

    Grab the bars toward the top of the A-frame of the goal, below the rim. Use both hands---one hand on each side of the frame---to guarantee balance.

    Pull the goal toward you, keeping your feet in place. Don't pull too fast or you could end up toppling the entire goal. Pull slowly and steadily until the back of the base is off the ground and the goal feels stable in your hands.

    Remove your foot from the base of the goal and walk the goal slowly forward or backward to where you want to place it. To move it sideways, you'll need to turn the entire goal 90 degrees, since the wheels are made only to go forward or backward.

    To set the goal in place, put your foot back against the base and slowly ease the goal down using your arms and legs for balance.


  • Although you might be able to lift some of the heavier goals alone, it's a good idea to have assistance because if your hand slips the goal could rock forward or backward and end up crashing to the floor.

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