How Much Does it Cost to Resurface a Tennis Court?

Choosing Your Surface

    When people think of tennis courts, they often think only of a hard surface like asphalt or concrete. Most courts are of the hard-surface variety, but there are many other options. Hard courts are generally more expensive to install than clay, but the cost of maintenance and upkeep must also be considered. Once a hard court is installed, it requires almost no regular maintenance. Clay courts, on the other hand, must be continuously watered and raked. Grass is another surface that is expensive to maintain.

    There are other tennis court surfaces, including vinyl, acrylic, synthetic grass and Har-Tru. There are different installation and maintenance costs associated with each surface.

Court Conditions

    The more damaged a hard surface is, the more it will cost to resurface. Large cracks will need to be sealed and patched, resulting in higher refurbishing costs than with courts that have just faded or have superficial cosmetic problems. Foundation problems also increase resurfacing costs. Hard tennis courts can become uneven because of the foundation settling. When structural problems exist beneath a tennis court, a new surface will only temporarily correct the problem.

Do-It-Yourself Resurfacing

    One way to save money on resurfacing your tennis court is to do it yourself. A number of companies sell kits that allow you to repair and resurface a court. Resurfacing kits include materials to patch cracks and seal and paint the surface. The kits also include paint or tape for the necessary lines.

    The obvious drawback of a resurfacing kit is that you have to provide all the tools and labor for the project -- as well as the expertise. But the cost savings, compared with hiring a resurfacing contractor, can make it well worth the effort.

Comparing Costs

    Choosing to tackle a resurfacing project yourself is less expensive than hiring a contractor, but it's still pricey. Resurfacing kits for two tennis courts start at around $3,000. They can be twice that much if the areas that need to be repaired -- cracks, for example, or uneven surfaces -- are more significant.

    The price to hire a contractor to resurface your tennis courts ranges from about $5,000 to about $15,000. Much like the do-it-yourself kits, the price for hiring a resurfacing contractor depends upon the condition of the courts.

Other Factors

    Cost should not be the only factor to consider when you decide how to resurface your tennis court. Others include: How much use will the court receive? Will there be any other activities besides tennis taking place on the court? What is the age range of most players? The amount of use the court gets and your own safety requirements may push you in the direction of hiring a contractor to do the work.

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