Oakley Hockey Visor Installation

ice hockey image by Inhumane Productions from Fotolia.com

Due to the aggressive nature of hockey, it is advisable to wear an eye visor on your helmet. Oakley makes visors designed to mount on hockey helmets. The visors are made from ballistic plastics and are shatterproof. The visors attach to the sides of the helmet and help prevent eye injuries during a game.

Place the hockey helmet on a flat work bench. Set out the four set screws for the visor.

Place the visor onto the helmet front and align the set screw slots on the visor to the holes on the side of the helmet. Insert one screw into one side of the visor and use the flathead screwdriver to attach the screw to the helmet, but do not over-tighten. Place the helmet on the head and push the visor forward or back to adjust to the desired placement.

Screw another set screw onto the helmet and visor on the opposite side. Tighten fully. Attach the remaining two screws onto the helmet and tighten.