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How to Paint a Shuffleboard Court

    Sweep the surface of the shuffleboard court. Make sure any dirt and debris is removed from the surface before you begin painting.

    Apply a base coat of green paint across the court using an 18-in. paint roller. Spread the paint evenly over the entire surface, and allow the paint to dry thoroughly. The drying time will vary based on the brand of oil-based concrete paint you select.

    Sketch the boundary lines on the court with outdoor chalk. Both scoring triangles should be 10.5-ft. long and 6-ft. wide at the base with 3 ft. between each scoring section. There also should between 18 ft. of separation between the tips of each scoring triangle. Refer to a shuffleboard diagram if questions arise.

    Lay down pinstripe marking tape along both sides of chalk lines with at least ¾ in. to 1½ in. of space between each strip of tape.

    Apply white paint over the chalk lines. Remove the tape, and allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

    Apply concrete sealant evenly over the entire court. This will provide a shiny finish and protect from wear on the paint.

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  • Paint in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun at the hottest points of the day. Too much sun exposure will dry the paint quickly and give an uneven look.
  • Wear proper painting attire, as oil-based paint is difficult to remove from clothing.

Things Needed

  • 24-in. push broom
  • Green oil-based concrete paint
  • 18-in. paint roller
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • 4-in. paint roller
  • Pinstripe marking tape
  • White oil-based concrete paint
  • Concrete sealant

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