Parabody Home Gym Exercises


    The Parabody home gym has the capacity to cover most of the muscle groups trained by individuals looking to get in shape, bulk up or just stay fit. Its variable arc press station allows for various types of chest exercises including bench press and close-grip chest presses. The arm pec-fly is included with the machine, giving the consumer a different way to work out the chest muscles. The lat-bar enables users to work out their upper back, including exercises such as the lat-pull down. The rowing bar, an extension of the variable arc station, gives consumers a valuable upper- and lower-back workout. It also offers an abdominal extension unit, which is an effective way to tone the core areas of the body.

Extensions and Safety

    If a specific workout is not included in the machine, there are different extensions that can be purchased separately that will make the machine more versatile. The leg press and calf raises are effective lower-body workouts that are not originally included with the purchase. For more experienced lifters, extra weight also can be purchased for the machine.

    Especially for less-experienced lifters, the Parabody home gym can be an extremely effective method of working out. It offers a wide variety of exercises working out most of the major muscle groups while offering level of safety that cannot be matched while using barbells or free weights. It limits the range of motion during exercises, cutting down on the chance of injury.

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