Pep Assembly Class Competition Ideas

Spirit Week

    Each day of the week leading up to Friday's pep assembly should be deemed spirit days, such as crazy hair day, pajama day and school spirit day. Homeroom teachers may aid the cause by taking attendance of those who have participated. The graduating class with the most weekly participants will be named the stars of spirit week.

Mummy Wrap

    October is a month for Halloween and football. When hosting a football-themed pep rally during this spooky month, introduce the mummy wrap game. Invite six representatives from each graduating class to participate and issue ten rolls of toilet tissue per team. One student poses as the mummy while the remaining team members unroll the toilet paper, wrapping it around the volunteer. After a predesignated time limit, the team who has successfully and completely covered the volunteer is deemed the winner.

Mr. Mascot

    A male representative from each class will compete in a Mr. Mascot pageant. Encourage the students to dress to impress as homecoming kings or as school mascots and participate in traditional beauty pageant competition. Swimwear, beauty, talent and an onstage question portion will warrant a prize by applause for the most well-rounded Mr. Mascot.

Surfing Seniors

    Each graduating class must have at least six participants for the surfing seniors game. Five students lie down on the gymnasium floor next to one another and are covered with a surf board (or a board decorated as a surf board). The remaining, and lightest student will pose as the surfer. The contributors under the board will roll toward the finish line pushing the surfer to ride the wave to victory.

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