How to Play Ultimate Football

    Obtain a football to begin the game. Any football will do, as there are no footballs made specifically for playing ultimate football.

    Assemble two teams to begin the game. Each team consists of three to five players.

    Establish the end zone or scoring areas for each team. There is no set field size in ultimate football. However, the end zones need to be at least 5 yards in depth and the playing field between the two end zones must be at least 40 yards in length. The end zone is the line on the field each team must cross with the football to score a point. Therefore, in total you need around 50 yards of playing surface. You can use a smaller field but it can limit the effectiveness of the game.

    Play rock, paper and scissors with the winner receiving the football first.

    Start with all the players on the offensive team behind their goal line. The players then take 5 steps and pass the football. The defensive players may not make contact with any offensive player. A dropped or intercepted pass results in the other team getting the football at that spot on the field.

    Catch the pass and take only 5 steps or hold the football for 5 seconds. Once a player catches a pass, the offensive player tries to advance the football down the field and over the goal line. The player can only take 5 steps or hold the football for five second before they have to score or pass the ball to a teammate.

    Turn the ball back over to the other team after a score and repeat Steps 5 and 6. If one team is ahead by 4 or more points, then the game starts over at 0 to 0.

Things Needed

  • Football
  • 50 Yard field of play

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