How to Qualify for a Baton-Twirling College Scholarship

How to Qualify for a Baton-Twirling College Scholarship. There are a wide variety of baton-twirling college scholarships, including one very famous one, the "Golden Girl" scholarship from the University of Iowa (UI). As the sport grows in stature and prestige, more dedicated young twirlers will be able to qualify for scholarships and financial assistance based on their twirling abilities.

Qualify for a Baton-Twirling College Scholarship

Make a decision as early as possible in your high school career, at least by the beginning of your junior year, as to how you will strategize your scholarship search. You can look at the small number of schools that offer twirling scholarships, or opt to work toward an academic scholarship at those schools or others known for top baton-twirling programs.

Keep your grades up, no matter what the plan, as you will need good academics, test scores and references no matter what kind of scholarship you apply for.

Talk to college students who are in twirling programs by making connections through one of the baton-twirling associations (and their websites) or through your school counselor, athletic department or twirling club coach.

Make an effort to stand out at the high-school level. Colleges and universities with baton-twirling scholarships are more likely to accept students who have made a solid impression with the sport. Getting noticed at high school competitions will help give you an edge on the competition.

Research the scholarship opportunities and college information that have been assembled at the website (see Resources below). In one place, you can now review the baton-twirling programs at numerous U.S. colleges and universities, and learn the best way to qualify for an actual twirling scholarship or an academic scholarship at a top twirling school.


Remember that there are far more scholarships available for academics than for sports of all kinds. Consider pursuing baton twirling at a top twirling college that you attend on an academic scholarship, whether full or partial.


As you begin your search, remember never to pay for information about a scholarship. Be very wary of individuals or foundations who promise to help you obtain scholarships for a fee. While there are some legitimate academic advisers out there, the vast majority of individuals and companies who offer scholarship information for a price are scam artists who give out easily obtained or outdated information.