How to Quiet a Golf Cart


Golf cart manufacturers know their product must be reasonably quiet. If yours is too loud, you may want to check the exhaust system for problems, such as a hole in the muffler, blown gasket or loose bolts. If the exhaust system is okay, you can reduce the noise level with a silencer. It's not uncommon to lose some power when you add one. This is a trade-off you may have to make for a quieter golf cart.

Find a silencer for your golf cart. Try your golf cart dealer, but don't be surprised if your golf cart manufacturer does not make one. Maybe your dealer will have a universal silencer available.

Try ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, dealers. Many silencers are available for ATVs, both model specific and universal. Whether your engine is a four-stroke or two-stroke, you should be able to find at least a universal silencer that fits your engine and cart.

Install the silencer according to the manufacturer's instructions.


If more than one silencer is available for your cart, read the installation instructions before buying. Some are easier to install than others. Some even require welding.