How to Remove the Side Shields of Prescription Safety Glasses


Your job may require you to wear safety glasses while you work. Depending on the type of work you do, side shields, also called safety shields, may need to be worn during specific jobs or in certain areas. Some prescription safety glasses have removable side shields that can be removed.

Verify with your workplace or employer that you are permitted to remove side shields from your safety frame. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific regulations mandating where and when safety glasses with side shields must be worn.

If the side shields are attached with screws, lay the frame on its side with the temple (arm) open, exposing the screw. Cover the lenses with a towel to avoid scratching. Loosen screws by turning them to the left. Remove side shield. Repeat with the other side.

Remove snap-on or slide-on shields by grasping the front of the frame firmly with temples open. Gently but with pressure slide the safety shield down the temple to the end. For snap-on shields, wiggle the top and bottom of the shield as you slide it down the temple until it loosens.

Do not remove side shields that are held in place permanently with a clip, bolt or pin. This type of safety shield is not meant to be removed and taking it off can damage the frame as well as nullify the protection of the safety glasses.


Snap-on side shields sometimes require several attempts to remove. If the shield does not come off the first time, try sliding it down the temple a little and rocking it back and forth until you feel it start to come off.


Do not remove safety shields from your safety glasses if you are required to wear them full time at work. OSHA can fine employers and employees who do not use required protective equipment.