How to Remove Ski Pole Grips

    Examine your grips carefully and look for a screw either at the bottom of the grip or top. Remove the screws and with a twisting motion, see if the grip comes off.

    Put the handles of the ski poles in a pot boiling water for about five minutes. Remove the poles from the water. With a towel, pull down on the grips in a twisting motion. If they do not come off, put them back in the water for another five minutes. Try again.

    Inject silicone lubrication between the grip and the pole. Open a door and wedge the grip of the ski pole above the top hinge between the door and frame. Pull hard on the pole.

    If the grips refuse to come off, contact a local ski shop for advice and possible assistance.


  • Be careful not to splash boiling water on yourself when you remove the poles.

Things Needed

  • Silicone lubrication
  • Cooking pot

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