How to Repair Golf Cart Tire


Whether you use your golf cart on the course or in your community, it's always disappointing to suffer a flat tire. While some issues with your cart may sideline it for days and cost top-dollar to fix, repairing a tire is not one of them. Patching a tire is something you can do on your own with only a few tools.


Park your golf cart on a level surface and place wheel chocks in front of the front wheels to prevent rolling. Use a jack to lift the cart so the damaged tire is completely off of the ground. Remove the lug nuts holding the wheel on to the body, using a 3/4-inch socket wrench. Take the wheel off of the cart.

Remove any nails, screws or other sharp objects embedded in the air-filled tire. Use needle-nose pliers. Sometimes the item will have fallen out, leaving just a small hole. The best way to locate a hole is to wet the tire with soapy water and fill it with air. You should see some bubbling action near the spot of the leak.

Repair all small holes using a rubber patch kit. Patch kits fill the gap in the tire using rubber cement and a repair strip. These kits can be purchased at most major auto retailers.

Fill the tire with the proper air pressure and check to make sure the leak is closed. If so, attach the tire to the body again with the lug nuts.

Lower the cart to the ground and remove the wood chocks. Test the tire out at slow speeds for safety purposes.


Always wear safety glasses while working on your golf cart.