How to Reset Error Code on Precor Treadmill

    Step 1

    When the treadmill is not in use, press the "Stop," "ENTER" and "QUICK START" buttons in rapid succession. The "RESET" button can also be used, in place of the "Stop" button.

    Step 2

    Press the "ENTER" button three times to access the treadmill's error log.

    Step 3

    Press the up or down arrows to scroll through the error codes, if necessary for club or personal logging purposes.

    Step 4

    To view the treadmill's odometer reading when a particular error code was elicited, press "SELECT" while a particular error code is displayed.

    Step 5

    To clear the error log, press "QUICKSTART" for a minimum of four seconds while viewing the list. Prompts will appear on the display and let you know when the log has been deleted.


  • If the same error code(s) appear(s) more than once, the following documents are of tremendous help, with regard to identifying structural problems with a particular model within the Precor family:
  • http://www.fitnesselectronicrepairs.com/pdf%27s/precor%20error%20codes.pdf
  • http://www.precor.com/comm/en/support/owners


  • You cannot retrieve the error log once you delete it.

Things Needed

  • Precor treadmill (all models applicable)

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