How to Rid Lice From Baseball Helmets


Lice are highly contagious and move among people, especially children, at an alarming rate. Lice move by jumping from one individual to the next or by the sharing of clothing such as towels, hats or helmets. They then dig into the scalp and cause constant itching. Because baseball teams share batting helmets, lice can be spread easily among team members. When lice are suspected in baseball helmets, steps must be taken to kill and eradicate the lice. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also advises that all individuals in a household where lice has been located be inspected to guard against reinfestation.

Vacuum inside and outside the helmet with a hand vacuum. Empty the hand vacuum into a small plastic bag and place it in an outside garbage can.

Spray the entire helmet with lice spray. Make sure the entire helmet is covered with the lice spray.

Place the helmet into a garbage bag and tie the ends securely to create a tight seal.

Leave the helmet in the garbage bag for two weeks.

Remove the helmet from the garbage bag after two weeks and wash the helmet with hot, sudsy water. Dry the helmet with a clean cloth. Discard the garbage bag in an outside garbage can.


Inspect your child’s head regularly for lice, especially if he is involved in team sports where helmets are used and shared.