How to Get Rid of a Tingly Feeling in the Feet


People can get a tingling feeling in their feet for a number of reasons, including sitting in one spot for too long or muscle tightness following a heavy workout. While some causes are more serious and should be diagnosed by your doctor, should you come down with a bit of tingling in your feet, there are a few steps you can try at home to remedy that feeling.

Sit with your feet straight out in front of you and slowly flex them curling your toes inward for five seconds then slowly stretching them outward. Repeat for three minutes to see if that doesn’t help with tingling.

Massage your feet with your hands working your fingers firmly into the arches and balls of the feet. This can increase blood flow to the feet, which can help to relieve tingling caused by poor circulation.

Stand up slowly and walk around to further increase circulation to the feet. Often a tingling will come right before your feet "go to sleep," which happens when circulation is cut off from the feet in cases such as sitting on your feet. If you can’t stand up and walk around due to tingling, call your doctor immediately.


If tingling in the feet often occurs just after working out, your workout shoes could be the culprit. Often shoes that are not supportive enough or are too tight can cause tingles, so visit your local shoe store and have a proper fitting done with an employee to find the right fit.

In cases where you’ve been sitting on your feet or in any position that has caused them to “go to sleep,” don’t try to walk too quickly. One remedy that can help “wake up” the nerves in your feet is running some cold water over them as you flex them.


If tingling spreads and does not go away after trying these methods, call your doctor.

If you have a constant tingling in your feet or it occurs at least once on a daily basis see your doctor, as this can be a sign of a serious underlying issue.

If you have foot tingles occurring after a serious blow to the back, neck or head, seek medical attention immediately.