How to Run Block in Flag Football


Flag football is a staple of college lift, a fun backyard activity, and a great workout all rolled into one package. For those who play on the line of scrimmage in flag football, however, the game can be rather frustrating. This is because in flag football you aren't allowed to use your hands when you block, even on run plays. How can you run block without using your hands at all? Like this:

How to Run Block in Flag Football

To begin with, as you approach the line of scrimmage before the play begins, don't get into a standard 3-point stance like you would in normal football. Doing so will make you off-balance when the ball is snapped. Instead, set up in a 2-point stance, bending at the knees and keeping your back straight with a slight arch backwards.

Put your hands behind or back or at your sides. One great idea is to wear pants with side pockets and to put your hands in the pockets to keep yourself from using them illegally.

When the ball is snapped, instead of launching forward like you would in normal football run blocking, move laterally and use quick side-stepping motions to get in the way of the defensive players.

Once you gotten in the way of the player you wish to block, move forward into them, exploding from the hips, and use your weight to push them with your body.

After the play has passed you by, bring your hands to your sides as you would normally have them and run after the play, looking for a potential lateral from the ball-carrier.


  • Remember, flag football is less about power than it is about speed. Use your agility, quickness, and proper positioning to block, because you can't utilize brute force effectively without cheating and using your hands.

  • If at all possible, wear cleats during the flag football game if you're playing on a grass field. Doing so makes the game much easier and will dramatically improve your run blocking.

  • People may get angry with you for run blocking effectively during flag football because many see it as taking the game too seriously. Ignore any insults or illegal tactics used by such players in an attempt to get you to take a costly penalty.


  • Do not use your hands at all! Doing so is a blatant violation of the rules and may get your team penalized.

  • As you would in normal football, always keep your head up when playing flag football in order to help avoid injury, including paralysis and other spinal injuries.