How to Set the Combination in a Schwinn Lock


Schwinn is a company that creates bicycles, exercise equipment and fitness accessories; the company is owned by Dorel Industries. One of the available accessories for your Schwinn bike is a combination lock. These locks allow you to set your own, four-digit combination. This will secure your bike in place, and might help prevent theft. Setting the combination on a Schwinn lock is accomplished in minutes.

Refer to the Schwinn bike-lock's user manual to determine the default lock-combination. Turn the tumblers on the Schwinn bike-lock so the numbers line up to that combination. Pull open the lock.

Push the small, reset lever found on the head of the Schwinn lock. Press it flat against the lock.

Set the lock combination by turning the four tumblers to the numbered combination of your choice.

Press down the reset lever on the head of the Schwinn lock. It should be flush against the lock.

Close the lock and scramble the tumblers. Position them to the new combination. Open the lock to verify that it works.


Make sure none of the tumblers change position when you are moving the reset lever back down.