How to set the Timer on Game Country Deer Feeder

Game Country deer feeders are useful tools for hunters. They are automated feeding units that are programmed to release food for deer. By setting specific times of the day for when the feeders are activated, deer become accustomed to being fed in a certain location at certain times, and are more likely to show up at the feeder during those times. Game Country created several models of deer feeders, each with slightly different instructions on how to set the timer.

Locate the "Set" button on the feeder. If your DF-01 series feeder does not have an LED light, the "Set" button is the button on the right. The "Set" button on a feeder with an LED light and three buttons is the left button. A feeder with an LED light and two buttons does not have a specific "Set" button.

Press and hold the "Set" button for at least 10 seconds at the time of day you want the first feeding. If your unit does not have an assigned "Set" button, press and hold the buttons on either side of the feeder at the same time until the light turns on, after which you should press and hold the right button a second time until the light turns off. For example, if you want the first feeding to take place at 6 a.m., press and hold the "Set" button at 6 a.m. The motor will start running about 10 seconds after you release the "Set" button.

Move the feed amount switch on the three-button LED unit to set the number of times you want the feeder to operate each day. You can choose up to five separate feedings, which will occur one, nine, 10 and 11 hours after the first feed-time setting. For example, if you set the feed amount switch to 3, the feeder will operate at the first feed time, one hour later and nine hours after the first feed time. Do not adjust the feed amount switch if you want only one feed time each day.

Press the left button on the two-button LED feeder once for each hour after the first feeding time you want a second feed time and press the right button to save the setting. For example, if the first feed time is 6 a.m. and you want the second time to be noon, press the left button six times.