How to Sing Dallas Cowboys Fight Songs

The best way to pledge your loyalty to "America's Team" is to learn to sing their fight songs. The official fight song of the Dallas Cowboys is called "Go Dallas Cowboys," and it's easy to learn.

Learn to Sing Dallas Cowboys Fight Songs

Get to know the first verse of "Go Dallas Cowboys" by heart: "Go Dallas Cowboys, go Cowboy Team. We're here to cheer you on your way with a great big yippee-ai-ay! Show 'em Dallas Cowboys, you're really booming on the beam. The eyes of Texas are upon you, Dallas Cowboy team!"

Study up on the shorter second verse: "Ride 'em Cowboys, hit that line, keep that ball control! Run the ends and throw that pass 'til you cross that goal line!"

Repeat the first verse again after you've sung verse two.

Re-type or copy and paste the lyrics into a word processor so you can print them off, or print them directly from the website you found them on. This will allow you easy access to the lyrics for later reference, and permits you to learn to sing the song without having to sit in front of your computer.

Search for a suitable version of the music of the song. Remember that it's very common for Dallas Cowboys fans to perform, record and upload their own version of "Go Dallas Cowboys" to the Internet. Bear in mind that there are typically many versions of fight songs available online. If it's important that you find an official version, seek one played at a Dallas Cowboys home game by the team's own band.

Play your preferred version of the song using your computer's music/media playback software. Follow along with the lyrics, using your printout or the website you found the lyrics on. Repeat this process until you feel confident that you have a handle on the song's progression.

Download the song directly onto your computer if you prefer, taking care to pay for the song using your PayPal account or credit card, if necessary. Use the iTunes Music Store to find official, legal downloads (see Resources below).

Practice singing the song until you can do so without referring to the lyrics sheet. If you are musically inclined, you can also hunt down the music tablature to "Go Dallas Cowboys," so you can accompany yourself while you sing.


Do not illegally download music from the Internet. It is a dangerous practice that could result in stiff fines and/or jail time if the authorities catch you. Remember to clear your browser's history and memory cache immediately upon completing any online financial transaction.