What Size Is a Bicycle Shipping Box?


Bicycle shipping box sizes depend on the type of box and the type of bike to be shipped, as well as the level of disassembly required to fit the bike into the box.

Box Material Types

Bicycle shipping boxes can be made of cardboard, plastic, metal, cloth or wood.

Bike Sizes

There are different sizes of boxes for children's bikes, adult bikes, tandem bikes and recumbent bikes. Box size also depends on how assembled the bike is.


You may need to remove the pedals, seat and/or one or both wheels and place them alongside the frame to fit the box dimensions. Turn the handlebars parallel to the frame.

Typical Box Sizes

Crateworks sells an adult bike box in cardboard or plastic that measures 45.5 x 30 x 11 inches. The tandem and recumbent bike box measures 71 x 31 x 11.25 inches. Hard plastic or metal box sizes vary but are usually less than 12 inches deep.


Significant fees usually apply when you take your bike on a plane, and the fees do not vary with the size of your box. However, package delivery services may charge variable shipping based on box size and can be cheaper and more reliable.