How to String a Lil Banshee Bow

    Hook the end loop of the new string onto the cable post on the bow's upper pulley.

    Attach the bow stringer. Place the longer pouch of the bow stringer around the lower limb. Loop the top of the bow stringer onto the upper limb of the bow.

    Place the bow on the ground, and pinch it between your feet. Grip the upper limb, keeping the string secured to the cable post.

    Flex the bow by pushing down on the bow stringer's handle. Place the other loop around the lower limb's cable post.

    Release the tension from the bow stringer slowly until the bow takes the complete tension from the bowstring. Make sure that both end loops stay on the cable posts.

    Detach the bow stringer from the bow and test it at the archery range.


  • Wear safety glasses when working on a bow.

Things Needed

  • Bow stringer
  • New bowstring

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