Team Building Activities for Football

Training Camp

    By housing all players at one location, a dormitory or hotel, training camp can nurture team chemistry between players. Simply by putting the players together in a single location, you can encourage players to become closer and trust one another. In order to make it work though, the dormitory should be outfitted with the equipment to treat injuries and to entertain the players during their off-time.

Film Study

    Rather than analyze film in position groups, like the offensive side and the defensive side, the entire team can watch the film together. Studying film of upcoming opponents and previous games is valuable in developing strategy and improvement. Breaking down the film this way, teammates can learn how each player is contributing to the team. Since morale can send a team off-course, remind players that they're doing well, when their fortunes are down, and point out problems when they're doing well.

Recreational Activities

    Some team-building activities can be less directly involved with football. For instance, all the players can go swimming together after a hot practice, eat a meal together, or go to a screening of an inspirational sports movie. These activities can refresh players from what can be a long, grueling season. If the football program can spot the expenses, such as tickets or the bill, it becomes just that much more exciting a treat for the players.

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