How to Tell if a Controller Is Bad on a Golf Cart?


Golf carts use speed controllers to control how fast they allow a user to go, which in turn helps keep drivers safe on the course or riding through a community. The speed controller, also known as the “governor,” generally keeps a golf cart from exceeding 10 miles per hour. This controller is typically located under the seat on your golf cart. Determining if the controller is bad is a relatively simple procedure.

Lift the golf cart's bench seat to gain access to the engine.

Locate the governor on the engine. This is the small “T”-shaped metallic rod around the top of the golf cart’s motor.

Look for the carburetor in the engine. The carburetor is the cylindrical shaped object in the engine that has valves pointing up and out of the motor.

Pull on the governor closer to the carburetor. If the governor is moving with no resistance, then it is bad and needs to be replaced. If the governor cannot be moved, it is also bad and needs to be replaced.