What Is a Uniflex Shaft?

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Uniflex shafts give average golfers an optimal experience on the links. The steel shafts provide more flexibility to golfers with slower swing speeds, and increase in stiffness as swing speed increases. Because of that, they're the most common steel shafts you’ll find on modern clubs.

Versatility Key

Many golfers prefer the feel of a stiffer shaft, but they’re less suitable to average players. A stiff shaft helps players with a higher swing speed get power and control, but isn't as forgiving for those who swing more slowly. A more flexible shaft benefits those with slower swing speeds, but sacrifices power for golfers who generate faster club head speed. Uniflex shafts are designed to be the best of both worlds. They suit golfers who either don’t know how fast they swing the club or who may have less consistent swing speeds depending on the particular club they are using. They're also ideal for novice golfers whose abilities are still developing.