How to Use the Cardio Glide Machine

How to Use the Cardio Glide Machine

The Cardio Glide machine is a machine that helps the user work her core as well as the rest of the body, no matter how fast or slow she chooses to go. The movements also allow for a low-impact cardio workout. Cardio workouts are important to the body because they keep the blood pumping through the heart and allow for optimum fat loss, as well as being the best way to burn calories.

Put the machine into push mode. There are two settings for this machine: push and pull. Start out with the push mode. Put the Cardio Glide into push mode by holding the handlebar frame and lifting the handle in between your legs from the handlebar frame. Pull the seat up to the handlebars and connect it to the upper rollers.

Place your feet on the pedals so that they line up with the front of the pedal. Place your hands on the handlebar in an overhand fashion. Push out on the bar as well as pushing out with your feet as far as they will go. Use control to slowly bring them back. Do as many repetitions and sets as desired.

Put the machine into pull mode. This mode helps to work your biceps and triceps, as well as add the benefits of a cardio workout. You can increase or decrease the weight resistance as needed to perform these workouts. Adjust the weight resistance by turning the resistance knob located underneath the handlebar frame.

Line your feet up on the pedals so that the bulk of your feet are resting comfortably on the pedals. Place your hands in an underhand fashion on the handlebar. Your arms should be almost completely extended.

Pull the handlebar back towards your body and push out on the pedals with your feet. This should feel a bit like rowing. Never lock your elbows or knees. Continue doing as many repetitions and sets as desired.


There are several ways you can switch up the workouts including alternating weight resistance, speed, number of reps or sets, as well as the environment. You can listen to music or watch television while you work out on the Cardio Glide.


Always check with your primary care physician before beginning any kind of exercise regimen. Failure to do so can result in injury as well as serious health problems.