How to Wear a Taekwondo Uniform


A Taekwondo uniform is known as a "dobok." Beginning students always wear a white dobok and students upgrade to colored uniforms or white uniforms with black collars once they reach the black belt level and attain leadership positions. It is very important for students to follow proper Taekwondo etiquette when wearing a uniform. Uniforms can be expensive so you will want to take good care of it to avoid the cost of replacement. Follow these steps to ensure you are wearing the uniform correctly.

Put on an undershirt. Your shirt should be loose and comfortable so it does not constrain your movements. Make sure it is the same color as your uniform so it does not stick out. A simple white shirt will work fine for your standard white dobok. Women should wear a sports bra beneath the uniform as well.

Purchase the right size uniform. The bottom of the trousers should not touch the floor as this can be a tripping hazard. Your sleeves should not go past your knuckles so you can do all the hand moves that Taekwondo entails. You can expect to roll your sleeves up on new uniforms because washing will shrink the uniform slightly.

Tie your belt, or “dee.” Your belt is a symbol of how much Taekwondo knowledge you have learned. Find the center of the belt and place it on the center of your back. Then wrap the belt around your waist, bringing both ends evenly to the front of your stomach. Take one of the ends and put it under both the other layers to tie your uniform together.

The belt should sit on your hips below the waistband of the pants to help them stay up. Your jacket will look too big without your belt on because the belt squeezes the jacket into place.

Upkeep your uniform. It is important to keep your uniform clean at all times. Put the entire uniform in your washing machine, except for the belt. You should also keep it pressed because your appearance reflects on yourself and your entire studio. Remove any blood stains or tears to the uniform that occur during practice.


Never disrespect your belt by putting it around your neck or dragging it on the floor. Do not wash your belt no matter how dirty it gets. Ancient martial artists got black belts by getting them really dirty until they finally turned black.