Wood Types Used for Breaking Boards in Karate

Man breaking boards with karate chop

Breaking boards in karate offers not only a physical demonstration of strength, but also a mental illustration of focus. For practical training purposes, board breaking allows karate practitioners to practice hitting a solid object with maximum force and accuracy, something you might not do with a training partner. To train with boards in karate, choose soft wood types that give you the benefits of board-breaking practice without injuring your hands and feet.

Pine Wood

Pine wood is a good choice for board breaking due to its softness. For a clean break, always break boards with the grain and avoid striking any large knots. In addition, steer clear of hard materials such as oak and particle board, which will be difficult to break and can result in injury.

Preparing the Boards

To dry out your pine boards and make them easier to split, cook them in the oven before a board-breaking session. You can also buy your boards pre-cut and dried from a breaking-boards manufacturer. Start with one board when you are new to board breaking, and work your way up to breaking multiple boards with spacers placed in between each board layer.