How to Wrap a Hurley Grip

Player Holding Hurling Ball

Hurling is an amateur ball and stick sport popular in Ireland. It often is compared to lacrosse, though rather than a netted stick, hurling uses a flat wooden club. Played on an outdoor field similar to a soccer field, each 15-member team competes to score goals by hurling the ball into the goal or over the bar on top of the goal. The handle of the club often is wrapped with an overgrip, such as is used on tennis rackets and field hockey sticks; the overgrip helps you to maintain a sturdy hold on the club.

Remove the old grip before applying the new. The grip breaks down over time with use, which can cause the handle to slip in your hands while playing. Pull one end of the grip away from the club handle and peel the coating completely off.

Pull the backing from the two pieces of trim tape, which are small pieces of tape used to adhere the start and end of the overgrip to the racket. The trim tape typically comes in the same package as the overgrip. Place the trim tape within easy reach to where you will be wrapping the club handle.

Unroll the new grip and take the protective coating off of the back. Hold the club upside down, with the end of the handle pointing toward the ceiling.

Hold the pointed end of the tape at the end, or butt, of the hurley handle. Place the trim tape over the end of the overgrip tape to secure it to the handle.

Wrap the grip tape in a spiral pattern around the entire length of the hurley handle. Coil the tape in a counter-clockwise direction, or left to right, if you are right handed; a clockwise direction is used for left-handers. Wrap the tape around the handle as tight and even as possible.

Secure the end of the grip to the handle using the second piece of trim tape.


Clean the hurley handle before applying the new grip tape if it feels sticky or appears to be dirty. Wipe the handle down with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. Alternatively, rub the handle with a dampened washcloth that contains a small amount of mild soap; wipe the soap off of the handle with a second clean, damp washcloth or rag.


Wrap the griptape as smoothly as possible around the handle of the hurley; bumps or separations can interfere with your hold of the paddle and may compromise your ability during a match.