How to Write a Cheerleading Captain Essay

    Step 1

    Write your opening paragraph. Explain what cheerleading means to you and why you want to be captain of the squad. Describe your particular vision of what cheerleading means to you. Outline your special experience and unique skills. Be concrete. Concisely share a personal and meaningful experience you have had connected with cheerleading.

    Step 2

    Pick two or three topics for the body of your essay and plan a paragraph or two for each one. Discuss your leadership abilities, your devotion to training, or experiences you have had that have prepared you for the role of captain. Admit to a weakness to show that you're aware of it and the steps you're taking to overcome it as an effective strategy for one paragraph.

    Step 3

    Use examples as you write. Show how you have demonstrated good leadership skills. Explain how you have led teams before in more informal situations, such as in summer camp. Tell brief stories, provide examples and use imagery.

    Step 4

    Use positive language. Demonstrate that you're fully convinced of everything you're saying. Be confident when you explain why you will make a great captain. Make your tone is positive and optimistic; you're writing about cheerleading, after all. Show that you enjoy what you do, not just that you like to boss people around.

    Step 5

    Leave a lasting impression. Make your final remarks memorable so that your essay will stand out from the others. Convince the coach of your integrity, stamina and dedication to success.

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