How to Write a Speech on Soccer

    Explain the origins of soccer and how it transformed into the game it is today. Include who was the first to play it and how it was played.

    Include a short list of the rules of the game for those unfamiliar with the sport or how it is played. Keep it simple and short as many will already know this information.

    Give a historical account up until the present of countries with the most World Cup titles as well as players leaving the greatest legacies. These include players such as Pele of Brazil and Maradona of Argentina. Leave them with a cue towards watching Lionel Messi of Barcelona as he is the rising superstar in the game.

    Explain the major soccer tournaments that take place. For example, the world cup is held every four years and the European cup every two years.

    List the different club leagues that have gained worldwide recognition for their excellent play. The Spanish and English leagues in particular attract the best players from around the world and command the highest salaries.

    Finish off the speech with a quote about soccer and the beauty of the game.

Things Needed

  • Internet (Optional)

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