The Best Men's Watches for a Man With Small Wrists & Hands

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As any avid watch collector understands, choosing a watch is as much about your physical features as it is about the watch itself. For men with smaller wrists and hands, it is crucial to choose a watch that isn't overpowering, ill-fitting or poorly shaped. Although your wrists and hands may make it difficult to choose a suitable watch, many top watchmakers offer non-traditional styles that will complement them.

Proper Fit

A watch should fit snugly enough to stay in place as your wrist moves normally, but not tight enough to leave a mark or dig into your skin. Depending on your wrist size, this may limit the straps and bracelets available to you. For smaller wrists, bands with removable links may not be able to fit your wrist properly, as only a few links can be removed. This can limit your choices to watches with leather or nylon straps.

Face Shape

Although round-face watches are the most popular, watch connoisseurs recognize that square, rectangle and oval watches are a staple in any collection. If your wrists or hands are slightly thinner than the norm, a square or oval face often fits snugly and compliments your wrist shape. Rectangular and ellipse watches are best suited to bonier wrists, because the face is often thinner and able to fit beside wrist bumps instead of directly on top. If you have smaller hands, a classic round watch with a narrow band should fit just right.

Watch Size

A 2011 New York Times article pointed out a burgeoning trend in the watch world -- the gradual size increase in popular men's watches. Although many notable watchmakers are prone to producing watches with massive faces and thick straps, a bigger watch isn't necessarily more stylish than a smaller design. Thin styles from many respected watchmakers incorporate minimalist faces with emphasis placed instead on the quality of the movement; other styles focus on unique faces with maximum metallic shine from a gold, bronze or stainless steel casing.


The guts of your watch can affect the look and feel as much as the exterior qualities. A mechanical movement relies on movement of a rotor, and is wound either manually or by your wrist movement. Mechanical movements are perfect for those with slim wrists, as these movements can be quite compact, creating a thinner watch altogether. A quartz movement is also a solid option, especially for buyers on a budget. Quartz movements are light and durable, relying on a battery for power, and come in all shapes and sizes. Don't let your wrist size limit your style, get the watch you've always wanted by keeping fit, face, size and movement in mind.