Wait, What? The British Are Exercising Like Dogs

Would you work out like a dog?

Is your workout so hardcore that friends have accused you of working out like a dog? Well, thanks to a new boot camp in England, the expression has been taken to a whole new (and quite literal) level. This boot camp is getting people to work out just like man’s best friend.

Work Out Like a Dog, the world’s first exercise class in which humans only do exercises that you’re more use to seeing your golden retriever do was devised by Blue Cross for Pets, an organization that helps find homes for abandoned and unwanted pets in the U.K. From playing fetch to rolling over, the entire 45-minute workout is focused on getting fit just like our four-legged friends.

“All of the exercises in the 45-minute aerobic and conditioning workout for humans have either been adapted from a dog’s favourite exercises or have been directly inspired by man’s best friend by qualified PT and fitness instructor Born Barikor,” the Blue Cross for Pets website notes.

While this workout may seem more like a novelty than a viable exercise plan, the boot camp does combine full-body strength training with intense cardio bursts, making it a workout as healthy as it is canine-friendly. Blue Cross for Pets says the routine will “improve endurance and fill participants with positive energy in much the same way that regular exercise helps our four-legged friends stay not just physically but mentally healthy too.”

It’s not all fetch and games. In addition to getting your sweat on like a frisky pup, Business Insider reports that this boot camp is designed to help humans understand the health benefits that their pets get from physical activities — from boosting endorphins to gaining mental and physical well-being.

Here’s to hoping a dog-and-master buddy workout is the next iteration in this offbeat boot camp.