Exercises to Get Rid of a Flat Butt

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If you're embarrassed about your sagging, flat butt, you don't have to hide in the house during bikini season. Instead, work a new butt-toning exercise plan into your current exercise routine. In about 15 minutes per day, you'll add muscle definition to your butt and create a rounder, lifted posterior that you'll be thrilled to show off.

Sky Bridge for the Buttocks

The Sky Bridge will tone the butt, hamstrings and the lower back, says trainer Patrick Murphy writing for Fitness magazine. Place a chair on the ground in your workout space and lie down in front of it with your feet touching the front of the chair. Place your feet on top of the chair so both heels are resting on the edge of the chair's seat. Put your arms at your sides with your palms on the floor. Lift up your right leg up over your hip and flex your toes. Lift your hips off of the floor and align the rest of your body with your left leg, creating one long, straight line. Lower and raise your hips 20 times while keeping your leg lifted. Bring your butt back to the ground, then switch to the right leg and repeat the exercise on the opposite side, says Murphy.

Press-Back Booty

To tone and strengthen your glutes, the press-back exercise will target a droopy booty. Stand behind a chair and place your right hand on the chair's back. Lift your left knee and turn it out toward the left wall. Bend your right knee and contract your abdominal muscles. Contract your butt as you lift your left heel and push your left knee as far behind you as possible. Hold the stretch, then bring the leg back to the original position, pointed toward the left wall. Repeat for a total of 14 times, then switch arms and legs and repeat on the opposite side.

Dip For Your Derriere

Place a chair on the ground and stand in front of it with your back facing the seat of the chair. Stand approximately 2 feet from the edge of the chair's seat with your feet approximately hip-width apart with your hands on your hips. Place your left leg behind you and put your toe and the top of your foot against the seat of the chair. Bend your knees and while making sure your right knee is behind your right toes, bend your left knee as far to the floor as possible. Stand up on your right leg to return to the starting position. Repeat for a total of 15 times, then switch legs and do another 15 reps to strengthen your butt and hamstrings, says Murphy.

Layout Your Glutes

The layout exercise will also strengthen the butt. Hold the back of a chair with your right arm and place your left hand on your hip. Bend your left leg and place the left side of your foot against your right knee. Your left knee should be pointed directly in front of you. Tighten your butt as you extend your left leg and lean forward, aligning your body with your leg so you create a straight line from your head to your left foot. Hold for two seconds, then stand back up and bend your left knee, placing your foot against the side of your right knee. Repeat eight times, then switch legs and repeat.