Don't Tell This Pro Surfer She's Good - For a Girl

Anastasia Ashley

Professional surfer and social media star Anastasia Ashley got her start at age 6 competing against the boys in a totally male-dominated sport. Now she fights to prove that she’s not just good “for a girl” and that women are fierce competition.

But Anastasia knows that it isn’t always easy for young women to feel self-assured, so she uses her platform to inspire confidence and remind people (as she did in an interview with us earlier this summer) that “social media isn’t always real.”

Check out the full interview below to hear Anastasia’s tips for staying cool under pressure and to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on her appearance on Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid.”

What Do YOU Think?

Have you ever had to push past other people’s expectations of you in order to accomplish something? How do you keep your cool when you have something big coming up, like a competition or presentation? Does social media influence your self-perception, and how can you use social media to have a positive impact on your life?