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How Ashley Graham and Her Mom Keep Their Abs Strong

Ashley Graham is one of the most inspiring supermodels in the world. Not only has she pretty much revolutionized the “all-inclusive” fashion trend and established herself as one of the highest-earning models in the biz, she is constantly providing fitspo with her motivational social media posts.

This week the 30-year-old did not let us down, giving us a glimpse into her grueling ab workout. Her exercise buddy? None other than Mama Graham.

Over the weekend, Graham and her mother, Linda, hit the Dogpound gym in New York City for a serious sweat session. In the Instagram story posted to her account, the mother-daughter duo executed an ab-busting move, doing a plank knee twist on a BOSU ball.

According to Health, the move works your entire core, focusing on your obliques. An added bonus is that the BOSU ball challenges your stability. Here’s how to do it: From a plank position with each hand on either side of a BOSU ball, bring your left knee in and across the body toward your right triceps. Move your leg back into plank position, then repeat with your right knee and return to plank. Rinse and repeat.

It sounds easier than it actually is. Trust us.

Graham has straight up killed 2017 like she did this exercise. Not only has she landed herself on the cover of a slew of magazines, she was the first curvy model to break into Forbes’ Highest Paid Models of the Year list, raking in a whopping $5.5 million over a 12-month period.

She also grabbed headlines in recent months for calling out Victoria’s Secret on social media for failing to cast a variety of body types for its annual fashion show in Shanghai, which was pretty kickass and bold.

“We are here to stay,” Graham told People earlier this month about the all-inclusive model wave. “And you can tell by how many designers are putting us on the runway, how many covers we’re on and the fact that in the last three years I’ve never seen more progression in the curve world than ever before, and I’ve been doing this for 18 years. We’re not a trend.”

Keep doing what you are doing, Ashley — and don’t forget to continue sharing all your workout secrets with us!

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What Do YOU Think?

Are you inspired by Ashley Graham? Do you use a BOSU ball to do ab exercises? What is your favorite core-crushing move?

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