How to Troubleshoot a Sportcraft TX 5.0 RC Treadmill


The Sportcraft TX 5.0 is a foldable treadmill suitable for use in the home. The TX 5.0 comes equipped with a variety of features, including a step counter, five preset speed buttons, programmable time and distance settings and a remote control. Over time, the workouts you do on your Sportcraft TX 5.0 can affect the performance of its walking belt. Fortunately, you may be able to restore the device to working order using some basic maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

Misaligned Belt

Confirm that the treadmill is plugged into a grounded, 120-volt electrical outlet. Examine the status of the power switch, located next to the treadmill's power cord. Set the switch to the “ON” position.

Insert the red key into the slot set into the front of the console. Press and hold the button labeled “+” until the displayed speed reaches 5.0 mph.

Kneel down next to the rear panel of the treadmill's base. Locate the two bolts set into the rear panel. Examine the treadmill belt as it moves and determine which direction you wish to shift it.

Select the appropriate bolt for your desired adjustments To shift the belt to the left, use the right bolt; to shift the belt to the right, use the left bolt.

Insert one end of the Allen wrench into the top of your selected bolt. Turn the bolt a quarter turn clockwise. Examine the treadmill belt and determine if it is in the proper position. If necessary, make up to two additional quarter turn adjustments; if the belt is still out of alignment, move to the other bolt and give it a quarter turn counterclockwise up to a maximum of three times. Alternate between bolts as necessary.


Remove the key from the treadmill's console and unplug the power cord.

Use the Allen wrench to turn both bolts set into the rear panel of the treadmill's base two or more full turns counterclockwise. Insert a finger underneath the edge of the treadmill belt. Lift the belt and estimate the distance between the edge of the belt and the deck underneath; if the gap is less than an inch, give the bolts an additional turn and repeat as needed. Note the total amount of turns applied.

Inspect the end of the lubricant container and confirm that an opening is present; if necessary, cut off the tip of the container to create an opening. Apply a thin stream of lubricant along the edges of both sides of the deck. Use the Allen wrench to turn the adjustment bolts clockwise until they reach their original setting.

Plug the treadmill's power cord back into its electrical outlet. Reinsert the key into the console and press the “+” button until the displayed speed reaches 2.0 mph. Observe the position of the belt and confirm that it is still in alignment. Increase the speed to 5.0 mph and check the belt again. If necessary, adjust the belt's alignment.


Treadmill lubricant can be purchased from a variety of sources online.