Homemade Weight Lifting Equipment

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Come up with creative ideas to make your own weight lifting equipment to have the convenience of training at home. By making a few small purchases and using things you have around the house, you can have equipment that will help you succeed in your personal fitness goals.

Medicine Ball

Pick the right size of basketball. This will depend on your fitness goals and how you plan to incorporate your medicine ball into your routines. A small children's basketball will make a 10-pound medicine ball. For heavier weights, use a regular-size ball.

Remove a small amount of air from the basketball. This will reduce its pressure and keep the ball from popping.

Use a razor blade to cut a small slit in the ball. The slit needs to be big enough to fit a funnel in the hole.

Insert the funnel and pour sand into the ball. Rest the basketball on a scale so that the desired weight can be reached accurately. Remove the funnel when the desired weight is met.

Glue the slit together using super glue. Allow the slit to dry fully before taping the slit with duct tape.

Wrap the ball in duct tape if you plan on throwing it or think you will be especially rough with it while lifting.

Hand Weights

Rinse and wash your laundry detergent container and let it dry completely.

Use a funnel to add sand to your container. Rest the container on a scale to ensure proper weight for your personal fitness needs.

Screw the lid on tightly. For extra protection, wrap duct tape around the lid or cap to help keep sand from seeping out.

Repeat these steps to create a set of weights that can be used to create a full-body weight-lifting routine.

Body Bar

Cut or buy a previously cut piece of PVC pipe that is 2 inches in diameter and is 4 feet in length.

Use duct tape to seal off one end of the pipe. Layer the duct tape several times to ensure that sand will not slip out through small cracks or holes.

Fill the pipe with sand from the other end, filling it to a desired weight. Use a scale to ensure accuracy.

Seal off the other end with the duct tape to keep the sand inside the pipe.


Use these pieces of equipment to create a full-body routine. Complete squats, curls, lunges and extensions using your new set of equipment.


Remember that your equipment is made from basic home supplies. Do not do anything that would cause your equipment to break.

Always take safety precautions when cutting objects. Wear protective gear and create a safe work space while making your equipment.