How To Do Aerobic Rowing on a Bowflex

Man sitting on the bench with towel

Rowing provides a total-body cardio workout, but you may not always have easy access to a rowing machine. If you have a Bowflex, you can row in the comfort of your home and at any time. You don't have to wait for open gym hours, or until the sweaty fitness participant before you exits the machine. Another benefit is the small adjustment on the Bowflex for easy transition between your aerobic and strength-training workouts.

Remove the long portion of the workout bench and set it out of the way. Unlock the small seat portion of the bench so it easily slides back and forth.

Adjust the tension by sliding the hooks into the lightest resistance rod. Attach both handles to the pulleys located near the head of the bench.

Sit on the small seat and face the Bowflex tower. Hold onto a handle in each hand with your palms facing each other. Center your feet on the footrests, so the arch each your foot is on the bar.

Tighten your stomach by pulling your navel toward your spine, which should cause you to sit up straight.

Push against the foot rests and straighten your legs as you slide the seat away from the tower. Bend your elbows and pull the handles toward your torso at the same time you straighten your legs. Slide back until you have a slight bend left in your knees and your hands are close to your abdomen. Concentrate on pushing through your heels to activate your glutes instead of your lower back.

Bend your knees and straighten your arms to return to the starting position. Repeat the rowing motion slowly for a three- to five-minute warm-up.

Increase the speed of your rowing to a pace that leaves you slightly breathless, but able to carry on a conversation. Remain at this pace for 20 to 30 minutes for your aerobic workout. Gradually increase your workout time, closer to 60 minutes, as your fitness level improves.

Slow down the rowing speed for a three- to five-minute cool-down.


Do your aerobic rowing workout five days a week to see health improvements.


Speak with your doctor before you begin any exercise program.