Beginner Step Aerobic Routines

Beginner Step Aerobic Routines

Step aerobic routines can get complicated quickly. Sometimes they can be as complex as dance routines, with choreographed steps that take a while to learn. When you're just starting out, these complicated routines can make it hard to get a good workout, so it's best to start with a beginner step routine.

Find step aerobic routines on various platforms. Free video demonstrations of full step routines aren't uncommon. You can easily experience expert instruction and view it in the comfort of your own home on your phone or laptop. All you need is a step box with a few height adjustments. As you get better you're going to want to raise your step up to make the workout harder.

Step routines can help you lose weight. They burn a similar number of calories as stair climbing. With a high-intensity step routine, a 155-pound person can burn up to 744 calories per hour, according to an article from Battle Ground Fitness.

Les Mills BodyStep brings a modern edge to older step aerobics routines. You can access their workouts on demand or search for a class near you. During a workout you'll use multiple muscle groups, and do a wide array of exercises.

Full use is made of the step during these classes. Sometimes you use it for exercises performed lying down, sometimes you jump off of it. As a beginner, start with your step on the lowest setting possible to make the workout manageable. As you get better, simply raise the step and continue challenging yourself.

Taking class will help you learn the step routines, but don't expect to master them overnight. The BodyStep website recommends giving it five workouts before you really have the routine down.

You're given very few breaks in this continuous step workout that goes for a full 36 minutes. Jessica Smith offers this free online program designed for someone to do at-home with limited space.

The moves work your legs primarily and help improve your cardiovascular endurance. Some parts of the workout are more intense while others give you a break from the action. The moves are simple enough that you can learn them quickly, making the workout ideal for beginners.

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Beginner Step Aerobic Routines

Cathe Friedrich has over 300 workout DVDs to her credit. During this step DVD, she provides her expert guidance as she leads you through a full 47 minutes of step routines.

Beginners are welcome to use this DVD, but Cathe suggests that you watch once before jumping in so that you can familiarize yourself with the moves. There are some more complex steps in this workout than a typical beginner DVD, so pay attention to the footwork that Cathe uses.

The instructor, Jenny Ford, demonstrates the entire workout and guides you through by herself. It lasts for 30 minutes, which is enough time to cover a few basic moves. It's free and worth your time.

This is truly a workout for beginners. The progressions that Ford uses are perfect because they start simply, then the moves become steadily more challenging. Building on an easy-to-learn base of moves, this workout allows you to hit the ground running and start burning calories immediately, instead of taking a long time to learn the moves before you can get a good workout.