How to Build an Aerobic Step


You can build a stable aerobic step out of wood in just a few minutes. Aerobic steps are used in a variety of workouts to intensify the level of impact from the exercise. Raising the legs to make the ascent on the step works muscle groups that may otherwise be ignored by a flat-surface routine. Plastic manufactured aerobic steps can be expensive and may get slippery when sweat drips onto them. Save money by making a safe aerobic step at home.

Purchase the wood at a hardware store or lumber yard where they will custom cut the pieces to size for you.

Set the two short pieces of fence post on the ground parallel to one another and about 16 inches apart. Rest the 2x12 board on top of the posts and align the outer edges of the board with the long ends of post. A 2x12 board is really only 11 1/4 inches wide.

Secure the board to each post with six wood screws. Drive three into each post starting an inch in from the edge and spreading them evenly along the length. Screw the other three parallel to the first three and an inch in from the inner edge of each post.

Cover the top surface of the board with self-adhesive grip or stair-traction tape. Read the manufacturer's instructions and warnings carefully before peeling off the back and pressing the adhesive side to the wood.

Set the aerobic step on the ground surface where you plan to exercise and step up and down a few times to test the stability. Add grip tape to the underside of both posts if the stepper is slipping on a carpeted surface. Add self-adhesive rubber feet if the wooden fitness stepper is sliding on a hard surface.


Make other gym equipment at home to save money and get in shape. Search online for other inexpensive exercise equipment projects (see Resources).


Wear fitted flexible clothing and shoes to avoid tripping and falling when using the aerobic stepper.