How to Convert Shoe Size to Ski Boots

Ski Boot Setup.

Wearing a properly sized ski boot has a tremendous impact on your overall skiing experience. The right fit affects your performance as well as your comfort. Selecting the wrong-size boot can make it a very long and painful day on the slopes. Today, most ski boot manufacturers subscribe to the (mostly) universal Mondopoint system, which measures the foot in centimeters. If you don’t use metric on a daily basis, this may not mean much to you. There is, however, an easy formula to convert your Mondopoint size into the more familiar U.S. shoe size.

Consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Most ski boots will come with their own set of sizing guidelines. These charts vary from brand to brand, but it is the fastest way to find your size. Ski boots only come in whole sizes and it is suggested you round one size up and adjust the boot liner or sock thickness to achieve a comfortable fit. Most charts will include sizing for U.S., U.K., EUR and Mondo.

Determine your ski boot size using the Mondopoint system. Look at the size listed on the shoe box and add the two digits to the left of the decimal point. For example, a Mondopoint size of 28 equals U.S. men's size 10. If there is a .5, then the corresponding shoe size is a half size. Therefore, a Mondopoint size of 28.5 is the same as a U.S. men’s size 10.5.

Add 9 to any Mondopoint size that is greater than 30. For example, a Mondopoint size of 32.0 would be a U.S. size of 14.

Convert the men’s U.S. size into a women’s U.S. size by adding 1 to the final shoe size. For example, if the Mondopoint size is 26, that would be a men’s size 8 and a women’s size of 9.


When trying of ski boots, it is best to wear a thin liner sock so you can get a true fit.


Nordic brand ski boots do not subscribe to the Mondopoint system. Most of its equipment is produced in Europe. For Nordic boots, consult the manufacturers’ size recommendations.