How to Reset a New Balance Sport Pedometer

A pedometer is a convenient training tool for runners, walkers or anyone else interested in tracking their physical activity. Pedometers are typically small, handheld or clip-on devices whose main function is to measure your steps. The New Balance pedometer works in the same fashion, by logging each stride you take. When you want to begin a new cycle, or if someone new wants a turn, you must reset your pedometer to start from scratch. Resetting a New Balance pedometer is simple to do.

  1. Press down on the Mode button until you reach the screen marked "Step Count."

  2. Stop the pedometer if it is on, then press and hold the Reset button for three seconds.

  3. Press Start/Stop or Reset to answer "yes" when asked if you want to reset the pedometer. Answering yes will erase all previous data and set the pedometer to zero.

  4. Press the Mode button to return to the pedometer mode. Press the reset button to switch back to the time mode.


    Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Things Needed

  • New Balance pedometer

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