Proform 560 Treadmill Review

Choosing a quality treadmill at a good price, according to Consumer Search, is largely determined by how the equipment will be used. Experienced, frequent, high-intensity exercise-buffs require more features and durability than the light-exercise consumer. The Treadmill Doctor discourages choosing the Proform 560 Crosstrainer for anything more rigorous than light workouts.


Treadmill Doctor and Run Reviews price the ProForm 560 Crosstrainer at a budget-conscious $600, a more economical choice than typically priced starter treadmills that list for around $1,000. More heavy-duty models with more elaborate features can start in the $2,000 range and higher.


With top speed capabilities of 10 mph and a maximum incline of 10 degrees, Run Review agrees that the ProForm 560 (or 5.5) is a good purchase for a beginner or walker. It has no entertainment features (like iPod dock) but does have a 12-year warranty on the motor and has AirTech Cushioning to protect joints.


For walking and occasional light running Treadmill Ratings Reviews indicates the ProForm 560 is adequately durable. However, as a budget treadmill, it is not engineered to withstand serious running or jogging. In addition, the weight-limits noted by the manufacturer are typically listed as higher than the equipment holds safely or without breaking.

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