Swimming Classes in McDonough, Georgia

Swimming is a necessary life skill and, for many, a lifelong pleasure. Experts emphasize the need for water safety and recommend instruction from qualified instructors. McDonough, Georgia, offers numerous options for swimming lessons in the town itself and in the surrounding communities. McDonough is the county seat of Henry County and is only 25 miles south of Atlanta. The area is booming with health and fitness offerings for local families, including many affordable swimming pools.

One-on-One Instruction

The Swim Center, located at the border of Clayton and Henry County, offers lessons for all ages, from 6 weeks through adulthood. Lessons are tailored to accommodate different levels of comfort and skill. In addition, the Swim Center offers private lessons for those who feel more comfortable in a one-on-one experience and who want a more flexible schedule.

Indoor Scuba Instruction

Wet Set Scuba in nearby Stockbridge, Georgia, features an indoor heated pool. The staff there is licensed to train students in scuba diving, as well as general swimming skills. Wet Set Scuba welcomes children 3 years old and up, as well as adults, for scuba and swimming classes. Classes progress incrementally from basic water skills suchh as face submersion, to perfecting individual strokes via the Stroke Clinic. Children must be potty-trained prior to registration.

Parent/Tot Classes

The Henry County YMCA holds classes throughout the summer months. Because the Henry County YMCA is a newer and developing center without a pool of its own, classes are held at the Red Roof Inn in McDonough. The classes include offerings for children 3 years old and up, as well as for late-learning adults. The Y also holds parent/tot classes for children aged 6 months through 3 years. In these classes, parent involvement in the pool is required. Parents are not allowed in the pool during classes for older swimmers.

A Family Backyard Setting

These lessons are held in the Jones family’s private backyard swimming pool during the summer in nearby Peachtree City. Instruction is geared toward children 3 years old and up. The pool utilizes a saltwater system, minimizing the use of chlorine and other harsh chemicals, and incorporates a springboard for diving.

Multi-age Classes

At the Peachtree City Dive Center, classes are grouped by swimming ability, rather than by age group. General swimming lessons are offered, as well as diving instruction. Instructors will give a free evaluation in order to determine a student’s approximate skill level.

Municipal Swimming Pools

Peachtree City Parks and Recreation offers general swimming instruction for children 3 years old and up at its municipal swimming pools. Classes are offered from May through August.

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